About Us

Hi Button Babes!

Ear-Resistible Buttons is a small business that sells creatively crafted handmade earrings. Each design starts with a fabric-covered button and then meticulously adorned with jewels, beads, or stones to create a unique set of earrings. You will find a range of sizes, designs, and an option for clip-ons. In addition to this personal website, you can also find us listed on Amazon Handmade and Melanoid Exchange (An online marketplace for black-owned businesses). 

Ear-Resistible Buttons began as a hobby for me through my love of jewelry and crafting and it has expanded into a personal business. Please check out our products for "Creatively Crafted" earrings that you can't resist!

Please tag us on social media and use the hashtag #buttonbabes.

Candice A.

Owner & Creator